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How Our Experts Cleanup After A Water Damage Incident In Your Grand Terrace Bathroom

7/11/2019 (Permalink)

Even with substantial loss incidents where professional restoration like our team can provide is necessary, there are still ways that you can help.

Cleanup Of Water Damage In Your Grand Terrace Bathroom

Full bathrooms have set fixtures that make them a functioning element of Grand Terrace homes. When one of these elements malfunctions or breaks altogether, the result could be a substantial water loss incident. Even if you are present in the house when the emergency occurs, even a short timespan until the flow of water gets severed can be enough to compromise a significant area of your property. While widespread concerns are often best left to restoration professionals, there are steps that you can take that can ensure that this recovery is less costly and time-consuming.

No matter which fixture malfunctions to allow water damage in Grand Terrace bathrooms, homeowners must react quickly in any water loss situation to protect their house, its contents, and its occupants. There are several approaches that you can begin in the time it takes for our SERVPRO professionals to arrive with advanced mitigation tools and equipment:

Shut Off The Water
Whether the fixture has an accessible shutoff or not, you have to get the flow of water to stop. If there is no valve you can use in the bathroom, you can head to where your service line enters the property to locate a shutoff point for the entire property.

Protect Your Belongings
While many property owners do not necessarily load up their bathrooms with keepsakes and valuables, the spread of damage can affect adjoining rooms and put some of these valuables at risk. You can move these items to an area away from the spreading effects until restoration work completes.

Keep A Distance
After the water flow has gotten shut down, keep your distance from this damaged area of your property as much as possible. You want the affected areas to be accessible to our SERVPRO team when we first arrive, so there are no delays in necessary mitigation efforts.

Even with substantial loss incidents where professional restoration like our SERVPRO of Colton / Loma Linda / Grand Terrace team can provide is necessary, there are still ways that you can help. Whenever disaster strikes, employ these strategies after you call (909) 514-1900.

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Fast Extraction is Necessary for Large Water Loss Incidents in Colton

5/24/2019 (Permalink)

With large water loss incidents, we may need to remove carpeting to enable drying.

Extraction Solutions for Large Losses in Colton Homes

Water loss incidents can happen with little warning in Colton homes, and with the severity of damage that some of these situations can produce, addressing the effects must happen immediately to protect your property and its occupants. Our professionals have a 24/7 response to water damage emergencies, and we have a growing inventory of recovery equipment to begin effective mitigation with our arrival to start the process of returning your property to preloss condition.

We have multiple methods to begin water removal efforts in your Colton home. As many large loss incidents can come with several inches of standing water or widespread saturation of construction materials, extraction efforts must be where our mitigation efforts start. Our SERVPRO team arrives with multiple levels of removal tools that can address each level of severity that can exist in your property after a water loss incident.

With significant water loss incidents, we often rely on combining the efforts of several branches of our brand, its collective personnel, and a shared inventory of recovery tools and equipment. In this way, we can offer customers with larger properties the same efficient solutions after disasters that we can offer apartments and single-family homes. Extraction often begins with the highest concentration of water, and that means the use of our extractor truck or trash pump. Both of these options can remove standing water at a fast rate, some units up to 300 psi.

While these tools can help our SERVPRO professionals to address the highest volumes of pooling water, other tools like our portable submersible pumps and wet-vacs with extraction wands can help to remove lesser amounts with the same effectiveness.

Large loss scenarios can quickly get out of control without the appropriate intervention by trained and reputable restoration specialists like our SERVPRO of Colton / Loma Linda / Grand Terrace team. We have the expertise and the equipment to make all water loss effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime that you need us at (909) 514-1900.

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After A Water Damage Disaster In Your Colton Home, Call Our Crew Of Skilled Experts For Help!

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Contact us at (909) 514-1900 for assistance with your water emergency 24/7.

What To Expect From Professional Water Damage Restoration In Colton

Homeowners in Colton might be surprised to know how many different ways water can harm their dwellings. Water is a necessity for humans, pets, and plants, and helps accomplish a vast number of tasks inside our homes. When it becomes uncontained, however, water can cause severe problems. Deterioration of building materials and contents follow water incursions swiftly. Professional water loss mitigation halts the destruction and prepares your home for restoration.

Waiting for natural draining and drying is a mistake a property owner cannot make with water damage in Colton. If moisture lingers for more than 24 to 48 hours, tiny spores absorb the water and begin their growth cycle into ever-expanding mold colonies. Molds join the water in destroying structural components such as drywall, insulation, wood, and more. Our expert team of managers and technicians assesses the damage and begins the water removal and structural drying that prevents further harm and limits or avoids microbial growth.

We secure the scene, ensuring additional water intrusion stops. Standing water exits via pumps and wanded extractors. Our team holds multiple certifications from the IICRC, including vital training in moisture metering and scanning for hidden pockets of water. We release water trapped behind walls using industry best practices and use baseline moisture readings in structural components to establish a drying plan.

Our service vehicles hold all the equipment needed for water mitigation, allowing us to transition to drying without missing a beat. Air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers roll off our trucks as we store the pumps and extractors. SERVPRO technicians position the drying equipment most optimally to pull moisture out of the porous building materials. Specialized equipment like floor drying mats attends to the challenges of suctioning moisture out of several layers to prevent distortion of the materials as they swell after water absorption.

SERVPRO of Colton / Loma Linda / Grand Terrace has the trained technicians, experience, and equipment necessary to manage any water damage scenario fast. Contact us at (909) 514-1900 for assistance with your water emergency 24/7.

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